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Category: Purchase

USDA Purchase loans 2024

USDA loans, often dubbed as zero-down-payment mortgages, hold the key to homeownership for those seeking residences in rural and suburban regions. Their unique attributes and eligibility requirements set them apart
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Jumbo Purchase Loans 2024

Jumbo Loan Benefits Jumbo loans are not very common but come with their own benefits that make them appealing in certain situations.  Financing Luxury Properties Many luxury homes and properties
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203K Purchase Loans 2024

FHA 203(k) Home Loan 2024 A 203k loan lets you purchase a house and finance the renovations. FHA 203k loans are a type of insured mortgage from the Federal Housing
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Conventional Purchase Loans 2024

What Is a Conventional Mortgage? It is a loan that is not insured or guaranteed by a government agency. This is in contrast to government-backed mortgages such as FHA loans,
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VA Purchase Loans 2024

The VA Home loan is a loan program offered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, based on the VA Home Loan Benefit Act, to those who have served
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FHA loan requirements 2024

This article is your comprehensive guide to FHA home loans. We’ll delve into key topics such as eligibility requirements, downpayment amounts, minimum credit scores, mortgage insurance, employment history, income criteria,
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