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USDA Loan Maine: Requirements, Income Limits, and Eligibility

If you’re dreaming of homeownership but are struggling to find affordable financing options, USDA loans might be the solution for you. USDA home loans are backed by the United States
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USDA Loan Florida: Requirements and Income Limits

Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Palm Beach, FL might catch people’s attention but did you know that Jefferson County, FL is 100% rural as is Lafayette County? In these counties, you
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Male house buyer giving his contract to the loan officer for a USDA Loan in Texas.

USDA Loan Texas: Requirements, Credit Score, Application

Did you know that 97% of Texas in the United States is categorized as rural? That means that many prospective homeowners qualify for a USDA direct loan.  USDA home loans
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Approved mortgage for a USA Loan in Massachusetts.

USDA Loans in Massachusetts

In today’s property market, it can be difficult to imagine owning a home in Massachusetts. And yet, with a USDA home loan, many people can enter the property ladder by
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Smiling couple and a loan officer going through the documentation for the USDA Loan in Georgia.

USDA Loans Georgia

Did you know that 120 out of Georgia’s 159 counties are rural? This gives plenty of opportunities for people looking to buy a new home in Georgia to apply for
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How to Get USDA Home Loans in South Carolina

High demand and low supply have caused housing affordability in South Carolina to drop by 10.9%, while the average home price has increased by over 18% since 2020. These changes
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USDA Loan Earnest Money: Is It Required and Can You Get It Back

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, you may be asking what the importance of the Earnest Money Deposit is. The Earnest Money Deposit, also known as a good
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USDA Appraisal Requirements (2024): Why Do You Need One?

For the USDA Home Loan program, we’ve covered most of the income and asset documents that the average borrower will need for the mortgage-lending process. In this blog post, we’ll
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USDA Asset and Income Documentation, and Verification Process

You have decided to apply for a USDA Home Loan. You’ve found the home of your dreams, and it resides within the eligibility criteria set forth by the USDA. What
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USDA Renovation Loan: Home Improvement Loan Requirements

USDA Renovation Loans If you’re thinking about purchasing a new home through the USDA loan program, you may have other options! While you can easily just buy a home that
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Do USDA Loans Have PMI? Mortgage Insurance

USDA loans are a great option for home purchases in a designated USDA Rural Development area. Offering 100% financing without a requirement for a down payment, competitive loan rates, and
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How Long Do You Have To Live In A USDA Home Before Renting?

Some individuals wonder why it is important to buy rather than rent a home. You might believe it is cheaper to pay back a landlord instead of a bank. There
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How To Get A USDA Loan With Student Loans? (Guidelines)

The average college freshman wonders where he will live when he studies. If you will have a steady job and an excellent credit score, you might be able to apply
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Grants To Help Disabled Persons Buy A Home: USDA Loans

If you have aquired a new disability due to an illness or injury, you do not need to depend on a friend or family member to house you. People who
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USDA Underwriting Guidelines

When trying to obtain a USDA home loan an underwriter has many guidelines that they look at when qualifying a borrower.  On top of having a middle credit score of
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USDA Loan Preapproval and Prequalification Process

USDA loans are backed by the United States Department of Agriculture and are aimed at people wishing to buy a property in a rural area. People working from home or
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USDA Bankruptcy Waiting Period – Loan After Chapters 7 and 13

Understanding the Path Forward Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean you can’t obtain a home. Chapters 7 and 13 are legal arrangements that help people overcome financial difficulties and bounce back.
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Why is the underwriter asking for more documents

As a first time home buyer, this question may be haunting you throughout the loan process. Here are a few reasons why your underwriter may ask for more documents. The
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USDA Preliminary Approval Process

The USDA Guaranteed 502 Program is an excellent loan for any individual interested in a home purchase.  It allows for minimal out of pocket cost and helps people obtain property
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What Is The Difference Between USDA Guaranteed And Direct Loan

One thing many potential borrowers are unaware of is that there are two distinct types of USDA loans, the Direct and the Guaranteed. The Direct loan is intended for very
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