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Society Mortgage

About Us

Founded by Chad Turner in 2003, with the addition of business partner Benjamin Bangs in 2009.  When CREFCO began its journey as mortgage brokers, we were only as good as the banks that we submitted loans to for review.  Not until becoming mortgage bankers approved by FHA, VA and USDA and internalizing every aspect of the home loan process were we able to truly provide the unparalleled service and loan products we do today.  For that reason, we elevated CREFCO to Society Mortgage with bigger and better reasons to choose us.   We are constantly evolving to better what’s best and committed to take exceptional services to even greater landscapes – lower interest rates, higher loanable amounts and even greater coverage across the United States.

With the main office located at downtown Fort Lauderdale, surrounded by a lush view that combines the busy urban vibe of the city and the laid-back charm of the riverside, each outstandingly productive day is spent and shared by teammates who advocate a higher purpose of truly providing compassionate service for every borrower’s hopeful aspiration, big or small. Living by the code of easy, simple, straightforward transactions delivered with personal attention to detail, we believe in the transformative power that begins in every home.
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From the fun, fast-paced, youthful office energy, down to our exceptional pledge to continue to reimagine what’s possible, ours is a promise of truly being there, every step of the way. Ours is a story of how opportunities start from within, and grow, only from doing what is right, and always in the service of the American people.  Ours is a story no different from anyone’s, but blessed with years of experience, trust and integrity, from a warm place of purpose.

Empowered by balance, vision and resourcefulness, we believe that investing for your home should be easier than you imagined it to be. It should leave you feeling secured, relieved and ultimately, proud, with a sense of how good your future feels like, as early as your now. After all, happiness is, and will always be – homemade.

Find “Your Way Home”, with Society Mortgage.

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