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Category: Refinance

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How Quickly Can You Refinance A Mortgage on a House?

You can refinance your existing mortgage within 6 to 24 months after getting your initial home loan. The timeframe depends on the type of mortgage you have and the terms
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Can You Refinance A Jumbo Mortgage Loan? Yes, and Here’s How!

Of course, you can. A jumbo loan refinance is a great option if you have improved your credit report or need money for home improvement projects. Jumbo loan refinances are
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203K Refinance Program 2024

Qualifications for 203K Refinance Program In order to qualify for an FHA 203K Refinance, the refinanced property must be the borrower’s primary residence and it must also need renovations. What
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Conventional Refinance Program 2024

.What’s the main benefit of consumer access to a conventional refinance loan? To save money by lowering the monthly payments and leaving disposable income for other expenses such as credit
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Home decor with background blurry American flag. Veterans applying for a VA refinance loan.

VA Refinance Program 2024

Veterans can refinance a VA mortgage to benefit from better interest rates and reduce their monthly payments, including housing expenses and home improvements. This will lighten their budget and leave
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Happy Asian woman hand with coin stack. Applying for a FHA Refinance.

FHA Refinance Program 2024

An FHA loan can help people purchase a home, but an FHA refinance loan can help them pay it off quicker with better terms and conditions. When you refinance your
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Business man show money bank note for a USDA refinance application.

USDA Refinance Program 2024

If you have a USDA loan and want to take advantage of lower interest rates, you can refinance your USDA mortgage with a new one, always with the Department of
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