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Month: July 2019

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What Is A Home Equity Loan? Pros and Cons

Home equity is a topic that may sound more complicated than it actually is. Due to questions we’ve had, we’ve decided to make a blog post talking about what equity
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Is Winter A Good Time To Buy A House?

So you’ve heard that buying a house after the Fall months is a terrible idea, right? However, the best time where you can find your dream home at the best
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How Do IRA Accounts Work? How To Use Them for Buying A Home

For this blog update, we’ll discuss the other types of IRAs, SEP IRAs and Simple IRAs. We’ll also go into detail what your mortgage lender will require from you if
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How To Withdraw Money From 401k Before Retirement

Asset documentation is one of the most stressful parts of the mortgage loan process. Having to supply the most recent 2 months of bank statements, and also having to keep
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Buying A New Construction Home: Step-by-step Process

When it comes to buying a new home, there are plenty of options for borrowers. Buying an existing home is the most common practice currently. However, it newly built home
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6 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy A Townhouse

During the home buying process, you have to decide whether or not what is best for your family in the short and long term. And with all of the options
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4 Benefits Of A Townhouse: Living In a Townhome Community

In our current age, we’ve become accustomed to having options. When there’s a need or a desire for a specific thing, people strive to bring a solution to that need.
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