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Is Winter A Good Time To Buy A House?

Reviewed by: David Naimey

Approved by: Chad Turner

So you’ve heard that buying a house after the Fall months is a terrible idea, right? However, the best time where you can find your dream home at the best possible price is during the winter months. This may go against every single thing you’ve heard about the real estate market, but here are some reasons why it’s a fantastic idea to buy a home in the winter!

Sellers Are Motivated To Sell

Even though most sellers put their up homes for sale, there are times where not all of them get sold in any given market. Fortunately, this leads to sellers becoming more motivated to sell their homes before the Holiday season!

Sellers may want to procure some extra money for the holidays to cover various gifts, or just want to get ready to move into another home of their own. The point is, usually because these sellers are feeling the need to sell their home since the “best time of the year” has passed, they will list their homes at much lower home prices.  This means that a house that may have been originally out of your budget is now affordable!

Less People House Hunting

Another good reason that makes winter a great time to buy a home is the fact that there are less people doing what you’re doing! Less competition can also result in a seller being more open for negotiations to a lower, affordable price for a home. You do not have to worry about a seller getting multiple offers and you engaging in a bidding war with too many other people.

The seller may not know when they’ll get another offer and may also not want to wait for the spring and summer months again. Whatever their reasons may be, you are the one who benefits by snagging that house at a very affordable price!

You Can Get A Better Idea Of House Condition

Because it’s the winter months, you can pay a bit more attention to the quality and sturdiness of a home. Unless you visited a home during a rain storm, you may not have been able to catch that the home you’re currently in needs to have its roof replaced from visible water damage due to snow build up.

You can also see just how insulation affects the home as well during the cold winter months. Does the home seem to be much colder, even though the thermostat is set pretty high? This could point to a bigger problem that you would not have noticed in the summer!

Homes Close Faster In The Winter

This is one of the biggest reasons why buying a home during the winter months is a very good idea. Mortgage lenders and banks are actually less backed up during these months, enabling them to process your mortgage loan much faster than during the spring and summer months! Less homes on the market, less people house hunting, less files that need to be processed before yours!


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