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Month: August 2014

USDA Structure & Property Requirements

When looking into a home purchase the USDA Home loan program is a great option as it is intended to help individuals get into a home without having to put
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What Is A USDA Construction Loan? Requirements for 2024

While a regular USDA loan lets you buy a house that’s already built, a USDA construction loan lets you build a new one instead. USDA considers a property new construction
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Appraisals Versus Home Inspections

Do I need both?  Home appraisals tell you how much a home is worth, and a home inspection tells you why you might not want to buy it, regardless of
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What is a RESPA?

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) is an act passed by Congress in 1974.  It was designed to protect potential homeowners and enable them to become more informed consumers. 
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