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USDA Structure & Property Requirements

Reviewed by: David Naimey

Approved by: Chad Turner

When looking into a home purchase the USDA Home loan program is a great option as it is intended to help individuals get into a home without having to put a down payment on the property.   However, the USDA program has a lot of guidelines that have to be met for qualifying purposes that may differ from the traditional mortgage programs available.  Having a clear understanding of the specific requirements will make the process of purchasing much easier for any buyer.

A common subject area that potential buyers are not aware of is the structural and property requirements within this program.

The following is what is deemed eligible for the USDA program with regards to the type of structure and property being sought.

  • Move in ready at the time of purchase

    • Structural integrity
    • Running water and electricity

  • Single family in size
  • Stick built
  • A maximum of 10 acres of land with the property
  • No potential income producing assets on the property
  • Must be the primary residence of any individual purchasing the home
  • Home must be located in a “rural” area as outlined by the USDA

Having a better understanding of these requirements will make the process of starting to look into homes much easier and will help a potential buyer streamline the time spent locating eligible homes much shorter.

If the USDA home program is of interest to you and the properties you are interested in would meet these requirements please let us know what Society Mortgage can do for you!

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