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How To Get A Zero-down Mortgage?

Reviewed by: David Naimey

Approved by: Chad Turner

Here at Consumer Real Estate we specialize in helping individuals utilize the USDA Home Loan Program to make the dream of home ownership a reality.

The USDA Home Loan program is a 100% financed program that allows people to purchase a new home with no down payment at all.  It is meant to make the home buying process a bit easier and put less financial strain on an individual at the time of purchase!

What is the USDA Home Loan Program?


    • It is designed for move in ready homes, that are single family in size, stick built, and can have up to 10 acres of land

    • It is meant to develop rural areas and help construct communities outside of major cities

    • Allows individuals and families to purchase homes without financial strain that takes away from other aspects of life

This program is designed for anyone looking to purchase a home!  If you think this is something that you would like to look into, we will do anything and everything possible to help you get into a new home!

Society Mortgage will work directly with you throughout the entire process, keeping the best interests of the buyer in mind at all times.  It is our goal to make the home buying process as easy, stress free and successful as possible for all clients that choose this company, and to get them into a program that suits their needs best and costs as little as possible.

Please, let us know how we can best help you as far as getting into a new home!


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