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My name is Jake Harper, and I was born and raised in a tiny, one-traffic-light town in Ohio. After high school, I decided to move from the small town life into the city, where I attended Otterbein University. I played collegiate football all four years and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

My experience includes spending four years in the financial services industry, pertaining mainly to insurance and investments. Now that I have made the jump to mortgages, I know where my true passion lies. Outside of work, I enjoy sporting events, meeting new people and being active in my community..

There are “Midwest Values” I learned from being raised in rural Ohio. I was taught to help people from all walks of life, and I believe that makes me an even better Mortgage Loan Officer. My big city dreaming led me to take a leap of faith, which I hope others will take with me in their homeownership journey.

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Our loan officer Jacob Harper working for Society Mortgage.
Our loan officer Jacob Harper working for Society Mortgage.