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My Name is John Meredith, born in Ashland, WI and raised in Northern Illinois. At 18 years old, I took a job in the car sales industry where I quickly learned the art of sales and finance ultimately leading me to becoming a Finance Manager. I am a father of 2 amazing kids, that are great at keeping me on my toes. I have a beautiful wife, the love of my life! I like to spend my free time with my children. We are beach-on-weekends kind of family. I have 2 dogs - a Vizsla, Ruby and a Pitbull we like to call “Potato”. To keep me feeling young, I like to go on motorcycles rides, play sports and explore new places.

In 2019 my family and I made a 180-life changing decision moving from Northern Illinois to South Florida. This change opened the doors for me to start a new career after 18 years of being in the car sales industry. In 2021, I was given the opportunity of becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer and needless to say it was probably one of the best decision I have ever made.

This has allowed me to meet and help so many people and seeing the happiness and satisfaction at the end of every transaction is what truly motivates me.

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Our loan officer John Meredith working for Society Mortgage.
Our loan officer John Meredith working for Society Mortgage.