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Why I Love Being a Loan Officer.

Reviewed by: David Naimey

Approved by: Chad Turner

What Does A Loan Officer Do?

Being a loan officer is the greatest job someone could have.


In my position, I get to work with someone from the first time they call in or fill out an online questionnaire and see them into their first home or sometimes maybe the home they plan on growing old in.


All situations are different. But all are equally rewarding.


My favorite however, is working with the client who at one time thought the dream of owning a home was just that; a dream. Until, they started taking the necessary steps in repairing credit such as paying down credit cards or getting their collections removed and then finally they do the most important step in reaching out to Society Mortgage. I absolutely love being able to work with them in repairing their credit or just putting the finishing touches on it, or whatever we have to do to get them into the home they always wished they could have.


That being said, I also love helping the person that has always paid everything a day early and a dollar over to help put themselves in the position to buy their home. Another incredibly rewarding situation, is helping the couple that is positioning themselves to give their grandchild a place where they can come and visit their grandparents and build the memories many have of hanging out with granny.

What Is The Goal Of A Loan Officer?

In all situations, you realize that life has happened and at the end of the day, people just want to get into the home and as smooth as possible. Sure, they may have had some bumps in the road but who hasn’t? It is well worth the reward of doing that you helped make someone’s dream of homeownership a reality because you were able to take the extra time, money, and rescores to work as a team and get them into the home. That is the goal.

And the best part of the loan officer is hearing the tone in someone’s voice when they found the one. It isn’t the same tone as any other time you talk to them. In some instances, we have talked a few times a week for months, and maybe nothing had popped up they liked. Maybe working on paying down cards.

However, then the moment happens when they call and say, “Jonathan, we found the one and we want to make an offer!” Their voice makes me excited! And I realize that all the months they spent checking out homes on Saturday, meeting with the realtor, checking out homes that were unlivable, was all worth it because now they are going to by the home they have always wanted!


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