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Need A Loan But Keep Getting Declined - How To Avoid It

Reviewed by: David Naimey

Approved by: Chad Turner


In order to process usda loans smoothly and quickly it is imperative that you submit your documents in their entirety and accurately. Often times documents are rejected due to small errors.  Here are some common errors that are often the reason for documents being rejected. Missing information such as signature, dates is by far the most common reason that documents get rejected.  Make sure you sign and date all documents that are submitted. Another reason for documents being rejected is illegibility, oftentimes documents submitted are blurry, cut off, missing pages or the print is just too light.  Make sure your file is clean, organized and all documents are legible, this will save you a lot of time and energy.  If pages are numbered we need all of the pages regardless of if they are blank or irrelevant. Another important thing to remember is your supplementary information that is always requested.  Benefit income, employment circumstances and other unique situations require additional information that is commonly overlooked.  Although you may not feel they are necessary but things such as award letters will clarify the details  of benefits, pensions, social security questions that the underwriter may have.  Verification of employment clarify things that may not appear on your paystub such as bonuses, hire dates and other pertinent information that cannot be found elsewhere.  Court issued documents such as divorce decrees, child support orders and wills offer important legal status information that cannot be obtained anywhere else. These are some common errors that often occur and can slow down the loan process.  Getting it right the first time can help ensure a smoother and quicker home buying process!

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