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FHA Loan Texas

Reviewed by: David Naimey

Approved by: Chad Turner


  • Low down payments (as low as 3.5%) and flexible credit criteria.
  • Backed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Popular among residents with limited funds or rebuilding credit.
  • FHA 203(k) loans are available for properties needing upgrades.

Society Mortgage is your go-to FHA mortgage provider in Texas. With our unparalleled expertise and professional background, we can help you get an FHA for your primary home across Texas. Whether you’re setting your sights on a high-rise in Dallas or dreaming of a ranch in the Hill Country, we are your guiding partner. 

FHA loans offer homebuyers the opportunity to buy their primary home even if they don’t have an outstanding credit score. These loans are backed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and they insure the mortgage. This backing gives lenders more freedom to offer mortgage loans to people with below-average credit scores with a low down payment. 

FHA loans in Texas are a favorite for numerous residents. These types of mortgages are especially popular among those who may have limited initial funds or are rebuilding their credit security. They give people the opportunity to own their homes and step up the property ladder. 

First-time home buyers, give us a call today and schedule an appointment with the most specialized housing lender in Texas!

Understanding FHA Loan in Texas

An initiative by the Federal Housing Administration, FHA loans are aimed at helping those who may not qualify for a traditional mortgage. Whereas conventional loans might require a significant down payment of at least 10% of the home value, an FHA loan could be secured with just 3.5% upfront. 

Likewise, FHA loan programs have lenient debt-to-ratio requirements. People with poor credit scores can still apply for an FHA loan program.

Reasons for Texans to Consider FHA Loans

Accessible down payment

A modest 3.5% down could set you on the path to homeownership. Large down payments are often the problem for many first-buyers who struggle to save enough money for their primary home. With an FHA loan, you only need to provide 3.5% of the home value. This looks particularly favorable compared to the minimum 10% or even 20% down payment for a conventional loan.

If you put a larger down payment, you will benefit from a lower interest and you will ultimately pay less in interest charges through the lifetime of your private mortgage insurance. 

Flexible credit terms

While 640 is the benchmark score for enjoying the 3.5% down benefit, those hovering at a less-than-perfect credit below that might still qualify by presenting a 3.5% down payment. Lenders will consider a conventional loan with a minimum credit score of 680, so FHA loans are remarkably flexible. 

Adaptable Debt-to-Income criteria

At times, FHA programs may be able to extend beyond the conventional 46% ratio, potentially touching the 55% mark. Primary residence home buyers who have previous financial obligations often find FHA loans the best alternative to a conventional loan. 

Attractive interest rates for FHA loans in Texas

Being backed by the government translates into more competitive rates for FHA loans compared to conventional mortgages. FHA loans carry fixed interest rates. It’s easier for borrowers to calculate how much money they need to put aside every month for their mortgage payment. With a fixed interest rate, you won’t face any unpleasant surprises and it’s easier to manage your disposable income when you know beforehand the FHA loan requirements for your mortgage insurance

Refinancing an FHA loan

Texas homeowners can reassess and refinance their FHA home loans when market conditions shift. If you notice that the current interest rates are lower than the ones you got for your FHA loan, you can apply to refinance your FHA loan and benefit from more helpful repayment terms. 

The flexibility of FHA 203(k) loans

If a Texan property has caught your eye but needs some upgrades, the FHA 203(k) loan can merge the purchase and the renovation costs. 

Fixer-uppers can be incredible opportunities. Many prospective buyers balk at the cost of renovating a home which is why these properties carry lower prices. With an FHA 203(k) loan you can roll into your loan the cost of repairs and improvements so you can turn a fixer-upper into your dream home. 

Texas Housing: A Landscape of Diversity

With terrains ranging from arid deserts to lush forests, Texas homes mirror this diversity. Whether it’s a modern unit in Austin’s tech district or a vintage beauty in San Antonio’s historic zones, an FHA loan is often the bridge connecting Texans to their ideal homes.

For 2023, a single-family home in many Texas counties had an FHA loan limit of $472,030, though specifics can differ based on locale. For example, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas metro areas have higher limits. 

Navigating Your Texas FHA Loan Journey

To apply for an FHA loan in Texas, you will need to follow the process below.

Credit check

Begin by understanding where your credit stands. A good credit score means more favorable loan terms and lower monthly mortgage payments. Whenever possible, pay off existing debts and credit cards to improve your credit score and lower your debt-to-income ratio. 

Outline your budget

Consider your monthly income and overall budget. This will help you establish how much you can spend to buy your new home. Evaluate your finances to include the down payment, which stands at 3.5%. 


Paystubs, W-2s, and financial records are parts of the paperwork you need to supply Society Mortgage with. These are proof of your income and financial situation and they show that you have had steady employment for the past two years. This is a standard requirement one must meet for any FHA loan. 

Aim for pre-approval

Our Society Mortgage specialists can help you reach pre-approval and inform you of payment requirements. With that in hand, you can start exploring mortgage loan opportunities and look for your new dream home. 

Embark on your search

Texas offers everything from Amarillo plains to the beaches of Galveston. Use the FHA 203(k) loan as a tool when assessing properties that might need renovations. It might take some effort to find a home that suits your needs but knowing you have an FHA loan pro-approval simplifies things. 

Lock in your loan

Once you have found the Texas home that meets your housing needs, you can move on with your FHA loan from Society Mortgage. 

Society Mortgage: Your FHA Loan Beacon in Texas

What sets apart Society Mortgage from other firms is our commitment to buyers and our local knowledge.

We know the Texas property market

We follow the Texas property market closely. We know the opportunities and the possibilities available to prospective homebuyers, especially first buyers. 

Crystal-clear communication

The FHA loan process is filled with jargon that can seem intimidating. Our mortgage specialists can help you understand what you need in simple terms. That’s how we make your FHA loan journey feel seamless.  

Always at your side

First-time homebuyers want to know that their loan provider is by their side throughout the home loan process and beyond. The Texan spirit is about unity, and we stand by you, making the mortgage maze simpler.

Contact Society Mortgage for More Information on FHA Loans in Texas

When you’re a first-time buyer, finding the right lender to navigate the complexities of mortgages is crucial. Understanding how your debt affects your ability to buy a home and securing the right loan amount can make the process smoother. Our experts are here to guide you, ensuring you make informed decisions with confidence!

Would you like to find out more about FHA loans in Texas? Contact a mortgage loan officer today and find out how to get a mortgage tailored to your financial goals and homeownership dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

While $472,030 is the standard FHA loan limit for many counties in 2023, areas like Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin have a higher cost of living and consequently a higher FHA loan limit. It’s always a good idea to check current limits with our mortgage specialists.

Yes. With Texas known for its higher property taxes, you should factor in these ongoing costs when estimating monthly mortgage costs and expenses. Property taxes and extra closing costs will decrease your disposable income so plan for them beforehand. 

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