Not only is there no down payment involved, but the private mortgage insurance is much cheaper than any other loan product available!

On top of no down payment and low private mortgage insurance, but many times, the yearly taxes in USDA eligible areas tend to be lower than the neighboring cities that are.

It is also possible to keep your monthly payment down by shopping for cheap home owners insurance (also known as hazard insurance). I always suggest to clients that they call the insurance companies and tell them exactly the price you want to pay.

This loan is meant for rural America and to help the rural areas grow and strive!

Another way the loan stays affordable is the interest rates are governed by the government! Many times the interest rate is lower on USDA Loans than conventional, VA, or FHA.

Some people think that USDA Loans, since it is meant for the rural areas, only townships far from the metropolitan areas are eligible. As it turns out, this is untrue! Most areas are in fact eligible!

Now, there are closing costs involved with the loan. But there are ways around having it come out of the buyers pocket!

How you ask?

There are 2 easy ways!

The first is getting seller concessions that will cover it. We have found that many times, with 5/6% seller concessions, the buyer can get in with no money out of their pocket!

The second way is if the home appraises for over the purchase price, we can roll the closing costs into the loan!


Low PMI, low interest rates, no down payment, low taxes, seller paid closing costs, and ability to finance closing costs in areas close to where you are at now are all great reasons to do the smart thing for yourself and your family and apply for a USDA home loan TODAY!